Dubai Shopping Festival 2015

Dubai has every comfort the world has to offer – there are beautiful beaches, luxury hotels and spas, liberal atmosphere, and the cherry on the cake: the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Kuoni-SOTC brings you exclusive Dubai Tour Packages, DSF 2015 to help you welcome the New Year with shopping, fun, and quality family time in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Dubai Tour Packages at this time of the year focus solely on the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF 2015), which begins with New Year. However, other aspects of this wonderful city are often overlooked. Let’s take a look at them:

Las Vegas served with a Middle-Eastern Flavor

Dubai can well qualify as the Las Vegas of the Middle East. It has everything from glamorous skyline to an enviable coastline (which Las Vegas doesn’t), grand casinos to sparkling nightlife. What else can an overworked, workaholic person ask for? As far as luxuries and comforts are concerned, Dubai does follow America’s lead. The Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF 2015), which begins from January 1 is the best time to see this Las Vegas shine the brightest.

Shopping and Entertainment: A shopper’s paradise

Dubai is known as a shopping destination. If you feel that shopping at the mall is a plastic experience; we suggest you begin your shopping journey from the traditional markets, fondly known as the souks. These souks have been re-designed, Dubai – style, which gives it a glamorous look. A souk is a place where you can haggle over prices and expect heavy discount on goods. A typical souk sells anything from spices, souvenirs to gold and garments.

Dubai houses the most number of retail brands under a single roof, second only to London. You can expect the city to bring you the best brands from all over the world. Every shopping center in Dubai comes with entertainment options such as free movies! There are some malls, which let you pet penguins, go zorbing on the snow or go zorbing on different grades of slopes.

Beaches and Family Fun

Dubai has miles of well kept beaches. Of all places, Jumeirah Beach Park is known to be the finest park in the city. Jumeirah Beach Park has 12 hectares of landscape designed as kid’s area. When your kids are having all the fun, you can look forward to quality family time at BBQ spots or relax in the warm Arabian Gulf.

After the sun and sand session, hit the Dubai Museum. The museum is housed in an old fort, located close to the souks. You will get an idea of what Dubai was, and how its locals lived before it was transformed into a mega-city. If the museum arouses your interest in the local culture, then hit the creek where the locals still transport goods in Abras (traditional Arabian boats), or visit the Jumeirah mosque where you can interact with Emirati locals and learn something about Islam.

Arabian Experience

Complete your Arabian experience with a desert safari. Venture out in the desolate desert. Get a feel of the Arabian way of life with a visit to a Bedouin village, where you don local clothes, ride a camel, and enjoy a belly dance performance coupled with fire jugglers.

Dubai has festivities almost every month. The best time to visit Dubai is from September to March. We recommend you begin your Dubai travel calendar with the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF 2015).

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