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Travelling to all corners of the world is getting easier and easier. We live in a global village, but how well do we know and understand each other? Here is a simple test. Imagine you have arranged a meeting at 4 p.m . What time should you expect your foreign business colleagues to arrive?

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Mr. Raj Shenoy

Our Far East tour was absolutely fabulous, well thought of itineraries to cover the maximum tourist attractions. It was a mixture of sight seeing,leisure,adventure and relaxation.[...]
Mr. Raj Shenoy 24 April 2023

Mr. Venkatakrishnan Narayanan & Family

Our holiday to the USA was a truly memorable experience. We would like to thank SOTC for organizing a fantastic holiday and would recommend SOTC to our family and friends[…]
Mr. Venkatakrishnan Narayanan 24 April 2023

Dr. Rajamurthy Family

This was our fourth tour with SOTC and the first to USA. As usual, the trip was organised well and we had a great time. […]
Dr. Rajamurthy 24 April 2023

Mr.&Mrs. Gurudatt

We had a wonderful time and memorable tour to the U.S.A. with SOTC. The itinerary was very well balanced and all the arrangements,. […]
Mr.&Mrs. Gurudatt 24 April 2023
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