19 Essential Items for a Trip around the World

Your travelling agendas may vary from time to time, it could be business, relaxation, education or even entertainment. However, when it comes to packing, one cannot ignore the need to carry the essentials that are common for everyone. Let us take a look at 19 essential things that must find a place in your baggage as part of a world tour.

  1. Documents - No matter where you are off to, it is important to take your passport, visa and other relevant documents with you. Please check if you require a transit visa for your journey especially for the European countries. Even if it is a domestic trip, keeping your passport or any other identity proof with you is a good idea. Also remember to keep copies of all your documents in your bag. It’s always safer and advisable to have the medical insurance when you are travelling abroad in case of emergencies.
  2. Cash and cards - Money doesn’t ensure a great trip. But without it there is no trip at all. So carry enough cash with you so that you’re always prepared for contingencies. Keep your international credit card, foreign currency card, traveler’s cheques and other travel cards ready with you. But most important, keep your cash and cards safe.
  3. Clothes - Familiarise yourself with the clothing habits in the places you are visiting so that you do not hurt the sensibilities of the place or the people there. In case if it is cold don’t forget to carry your thermals or a light multipurpose jacket that can protect you from cold and rain. Carry a sewing kit in case of emergencies.
  4. Toiletries - What you must carry under toiletries is of course left to you. However, it is a good idea to carry small quantities of everything so that you do not carry more than you require during the trip. Entire bottles of shampoo or gels may not be required for a short trip. So find out how best to reduce the baggage without compromising on the essentials.
  5. Shoes -Since you may not be able to carry many pairs of shoes, consider the places and their seasons before deciding on which ones to carry. Activities like trekking require appropriate shoes. Also add a pair of flip flops which can save your feet while in the bathroom or when your shoes are wet.
  6. Flash light - A tiny flash light is a must-carry item since you will most likely be visiting unfamiliar places. Unannounced darkness is always a possibility and one should be prepared for such situations without a hitch.
  7. Entertainment - There may be times when you may feel lonely or even homesick. During those times your I-pod, MP3 players, books or even a personal travel journal can be an ideal companion. And if you’re homesick calling up via phone services like Matrix can probably reduce your lonely pangs.
  8. Side/Sling bag -A small sling bag which can be used to carry the most essential things required for the place you are immediately visiting such as a beach is an absolute necessity. Remember, you don’t want to be carrying your entire backpack through every street you will be covering during your trip.
  9. Medicines - It makes perfect sense to carry the essential or your regular drugs with you all the time as sometimes drugs in other countries can be expensive. Even if you are not under any medication, a first aid kit for basic ailments is a must. You know what works best for you and those items may not be available in the place you are visiting.
  10. Telephone numbers - Always carry your personal phone directory with you. It is also a good idea to carry your business cards. You never know who you will meet on the way and what opportunities the trip has in store for you.
  11. Maps and guidebooks - This is an item that must be top priority since you will most likely be visiting unknown land for the first time. Read as much as you can and of course you have the option of asking people. But nothing is as thrilling as finding it all out yourself. So make the map your travel companion throughout.
  12. Skin care - It’s not about vanity, but skin and hair care is essential as drastic weather changes can be cruel to them, damaging them forever. If it’s too hot don’t forget to tag along your sun screen and a cold cream in case if it’s too cold. Travel makeup kits are also available in the market, which are portable and extremely handy.
  13. Swiss knife - A knife, a pair of scissors, screwdriver, a toothpick and the list could go on as far as tools are concerned. But what if all that comes rolling into one. Yes, carry that Swiss knife. You will quite often need to peel a fruit or tighten a screw.
  14. Camera - Cameras are the best way to immortalize your memories forever so that you can look back fondly at the great times you had. Either way, you will need a good camera so you click pictures of all the places you visit. Don’t forget to carry a memory card, USB drive or a pen drive just in case if you use up all the space in your digital camera.
  15. Money Belt - A money belt is a handy item for your travel as it helps you tuck away valuable items like cash and documents such as passport.
  16. Sunglasses - Caring for your eyes is a must while you are on a trip. Sunglasses, caps and even bandanas are important if you are visiting a place where the sun is harsh.
  17. Multi tasking Watch - A small watch with an alarm or even a two timing watch is a must on your wrist. It helps you keep track of time and plan. While it is undoubtedly an accessory, its use during a trip can be manifold depending on the functions it has.
  18. Electrical supplies - Most places in the world have different plugs and different power supplies. So if you plan to use such items in a different country carry converters.
  19. Earplugs and chewing gum - If you are travelling by air, ear plugs and chewing gum are a must since the plugs help you deal with unwanted noise and the gum keeps you relaxed till the end of the journey. Even outside the plane, if a really noisy neighborhood is not your idea of vacation or trip, bring the plugs on and chew away without a care.

Well, the list is not an exhaustive one. But takes care of most of what is required. Enjoy your trip!

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