Adrenaline rush of a lifetime

‘Being Adventurous’ is a tagline that best suits the film ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’. We have all started craving for trying out these adventure sports after watching this thrilling movie. We at Letsgo tell you about the top adventure sports that are sure to give you goose bumps. So go get em’

Climbing a mountain or riding the wave always symbolizes overcoming obstacles in life. How about literally living up to it with a zing of sharks or slippery ice encompassing you while attempting them?

Wing suit Flying- Snow Angels in the air

Flying high suspended in mid-air without any harness! Such a thing happens only in dreams is what you think. Hold your breath, this is a reality! Wingsuit Flying is one of the oldest adrenaline pumping sports that can topple and twist you in mid-air while you are falling back at a top speed to mother earth. Virginia in USA offers you crash courses in wing suit diving. Spread your jumpsuit arms and legs like you do while making a snow angel and the air foil creates a lift which enables you to float. As you glide and reach a sufficient altitude (which will be instructed during the training) pull open your parachute and land feet first on the ground. If you are acrophobic don’t attempt it! If not enjoy the visual pleasures of the scenic beauty of the aqueous sea of Virginia.

Shark Diving-Jungle Safari under-water

Great White Shark Diving is nothing but a pleasant rendezvous with the sharks. South Africa’s southernmost tip known as Shark Alley is a homing ground for the Great White Shark. This small passage between Dyer Island and Geyser Rock permits you to mingle with the sharks. No need of any diving lessons, or pricey licenses, or any prior training all you need is to gather together a heavy dose of courage because it’s not the shark that is in the cage but you! A decent cage that is anchored to the boat and lowered in the sea as the shark nears your vessel. Hydrophobic beware! Others have fun in the luminous blue water and the approaching shark. It’s risky but one worth taking!

Hang Gliding- Flying your own aeroplane

Situated in California, USA, in Marin County, Mt. Tamalpais enthrals sport lovers with its breath taking scenery. It is your tourist destination for a range of adventure sports but mainly hang gliding would catch your keen interest. Standing atop Tamalpais, you break into a trot nearing the cliff and just jump. This time you don’t move downwards but stay afloat. With the help of a glider you have to navigate manually and land on the Stinson Beach. It is hardly 10 miles from San Francisco and a perfect get away for your adventurous side.

Ice Climbing- Chills your nerves

Remember the movie Lakshya, with actor Hrithik Roshan climbing a cliff as erect as a spine? Now imagine the same cliff cushioned with ice! This is what ice climbing brings you, an experience that can freeze you till your bones. And while you enter the world of ice–ice rocks, dripping stalactites and of course the slippery snow stand there to greet you. You need to be absolutely trained in mountaineering to endure this sport and if you are this is just going to be the cherry on your cake. New Hampshire in USA welcomes tourists ever year to this daring sport activity. February-March is the best time to land up in New Hampshire as there is an annual ice fest held here. You can unleash your trekker instincts and look up to those great heights.

Wave Jumping- Wet Speed Bumps

It’s all in the name; you have to jump over those rising sea waves. The idea is possible; just ‘how’ is the question! Well, that’s all possible with a jet ski. You actually ride those waves and leap as soon as a rising wave approaches. Get wet and enjoy the thrills that await you. And if you want to perform some stunts well go ahead no one’s stopping you. Miami, USA encompasses a beach for your touristic tastes as well as fearless side. Water sports are a major touristic attraction at Miami and the best place to be during spring-summer to beat that heat!
So what’s holding you back? Start packing your bags and venture out into the thrilling and exhilarating world of adventures. For more details about Best Bangkok Holiday Package

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