Get drenched!

” Come monsoons and travel destinations in the country are limited. With most of the areas in north and south of India lashed by the downpour, people are left with limited choices. No worries, as we take you through some of the monsoon happy destinations. From Chitrakoot in Uttar Pradesh to Ranchi in Jharkhand, we list it for you “

After the scorching heat, the rains are a pleasant change. Instantly, all the tiredness and dullness vanishes and we are greeted by the lush greens around, and the smell of wet mud. This is by far the perfect time holidaying to one such offbeat destination.


Chitrakoot, Uttar Pradesh – Hills of many wonders

This beautiful place is located by the banks of the river Paisuni in Banda district Uttar Pradesh.  It is a peaceful retreat on the northern part of the Vindhyas having mythological relevance. Chitrakoot Dham is one of the ancient holy pilgrim sites of India. Legends say, it had been the abode of Lord Rama, his wife Sita and brother Lakshman for eleven years of their fourteen years of exile. There is much more to this place, as it is said to have seen the incarnations of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

Filled with numerous temples and shrine, it is indeed nature at its best wrapped in peace and serenity with sweet sound of singing birds and the gushing of streams.


Hogenakkal, Tamil Nadu – Niagara falls of India

Hogenakkal in Tamil Nadu is famous for The Hogenakkal Waterfalls, popularly known as India’s Niagara fall. With breathtaking views and cool surroundings, it is always flooded with tourists. The water of this fall is said to have curative powers as it flows through a forest of herbs on its way to Hogenakkal.

Also don’t forget to get yourself pampered with a famous Hogenakkal Massage!  The highly skilled masseurs make the massage a delectable one! For the explorer in you, there are numerous treks that you can undertake in the Melagiri hills.  With numerous activities around, there wouldn’t be a single idle moment.


Ranchi, Jharkhand – scenic beauty at its best

Ranchi earlier known as the summer capital of Bihar is best for a monsoon getaway. With scenic attractions and natural beauty, displayed through cascading lakes and waterfalls like Hundru falls, Dassam falls and Ranchi Lake it is a day tripper’s favourite place. Tagore hill and Gonda hills just adds to the existing beauty. So enjoy the rains in the scintillating ambience of Ranchi.


Valley of flowers, – Amidst the colourful sight

Mesmerise yourself in this lovely valley of flowers in West Himalaya. Listed in the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves, Valley of Flowers situated in Uttarakhand is one of the must to see places in India. With monsoon the vale goes colourful resembling a carpet of flowers.


Periyar National Park, Cochin – Safari through boats

Bring out the adventure lover in you this monsoon. Go ahead to enjoy the serene boat safari at the Periyar National Park. This will be a fine treat to distress your city soul, as you get your share of encapsulating beauty. While, for the lazy buffs, coddle yourself in the reputed Ayurvedic Kerala spas.

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