Relish your taste buds to Europe’s Best chocolates

The power of chocolates must never be underestimated. It transcends you to a different world altogether, sending you to a state of utter bliss by its sheer indulgence. But there are some chocolates that titillate your senses further.

There are numerous chocolate brands available in the market, only few are most desired. The reason being chocolates are prepared in distinctive style at different places in the world. The taste and quality of the chocolate also depends on the cocoa beans and the preparation method. Find out who made to our list.

Swiss Chocolates

Swiss Chocolate is one of top exports of Switzerland. For over decades, Swiss chocolates have been known for their excellent quality and luscious taste. They have been particular about their manufacturing standards which are what has helped them maintain their quality. In fact, milk chocolates are Swiss invention where the delicious morsels that melt in your mouth are made with pure cocoa butter, milk and cream from the Swiss cows.

No wonder the Swiss people are also known to have high rate of chocolate consumption.

French Chocolates

French are certainly known for their culinary expertise and their chocolates are just a part of their delicious preparations. The French kingdom first got introduced to chocolate in 1615 by Queen Anne of Austria. During the rule of Louis XIV, chocolate was looked upon as an honoured gift.

French chocolates normally have a rich dark chocolate taste and are less sweet. These chocolates come in their purest form and are made using only cocoa butter and cocoa liquor. Use of vegetable oil and animal fat is forbidden in these chocolate by the French government and you wouldn’t find a trace of it.

Belgian Chocolates

Belgian Chocolates produce the best chocolates across the world. Handcrafted to perfection, these chocolates are famous for their array of flavours and fillings, each different and delicious from the other. . Their fillings include a lot of fruit and nuts and have an assortment of both dark and milk chocolate. There are different small outlets that prepare these cocoa devils. They stand true to their quality even today, by using high standard ingredients and of course loads of love! People, who have it know what the fuss is all about!

Ferrero Rocher

It is one of the most popular and delicious chocolate we simply can’t resist. A hazelnut covered in the thin wafer wrapped in thick chocolate is just like a treat to the taste buds. Packed in gold coloured paper, these chocolates can give a high. Ferrero Rocher chocolates also act as a great gift as it has numerous fan following. This chocolate was first made by Italian chocolatier Ferrero Spa, who is also the producer of Nutella and Tic Tac.

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