Visit The Charming Champs-Elysees!

The Champs-Elysees is a perfect insight into the Parisian culture. From quaint little cafes and bistros to luxury shopping points, the Champs Elysees has it all. Considered one of the most famous streets in the world, it is even considered to be one of the most expensive piece of real estate in Europe! Why? Read on to find out more...

A Historical Overview

The Champs Elysees when literally translated means the Elysian Fields or the place of the blessed dead in Greek mythology. But don’t get morbid, because this avenue is actually considered the most beautiful in the world! Running for two kilometers from the Place de la Concorde o the Obelisk de Luxor, the Champs Elysees forms a part of the 'historique axe'.

The Champs Elysees was previously just fields and a market garden earlier but by the 18th century it changed to include high-end shops and cafe styled restaurants.

Shop till you drop!

From Cartier to Louis Vuitton, you have a generous offer of shops along the Champs. Feel like a million dollars, while you enjoy the view of your natural surroundings as you shop among some of the most affluent people in the world. Enjoy the Champs as if you are part of the elite! Once you’re done getting your share of couture, lounge around with a cup of coffee from a cafe and watch the crowds pass by. At night, take time to look at the breath-taking views that surround you in the form of decoration lights.

The Champs D'Elysees also hosts the largest Adidas flagship store in the world, so make sure you check that out too!

When do you visit?

An appropriate time to see the Champs Elysees at its best would be Bastille Day which is the largest military parade in Europe!

Bastille Day is celebrated on the 14th of July, which is the day of the birth of the Republic of France. So try and make it on this day so you can see the celebrations which include three jets dispersing the colour of the tricolor flag over the Arc De Triomphe at the end of the Champs Elysees.

Also, during Advent, Christmastide, New Year’s Eve and Epiphany, the Champs Elysees is absolutely stunning with its dazzling lights display ready to welcome the holiday season. This season usually starts around late November to early January. The lighting is so magnificent; it almost looks like snow seems to be falling from the trees!

If you are a fan of the Tour De France, then the Champs Elysees would come as no surprise to you. The race starts here and at the end of it the awards ceremony is also hosted here.

Also, the Champs Elysees has close proximity to the Arc De Triomphe, another historical landmark of Paris. It has even direct access to the Jardin De Tuilleries and the world-famous Louvre museum.

How do you get there?

A highly recommended way to get to the here is to take a look at the 30 minute promenade from the Champs Elysees Clemenceau to the Charles De Gaulle metro station.

Come; catch all the Parisian action here at Champs Elysees! It’s just the right place to be at the right time!

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