Club hopping in Zurich

Zurich is well known as an entertainment hub with the largest number of clubs in Europe that promises vibrant night life. From downright chic clubs to street parade, this lively city assures lots of action, music and dining options for party animals.

Surrounded by beautiful mountains and lake in the middle of the city, Zurich is one of the most sought after places for party lovers. After all, partying amidst ethereal beauty, what can more ask for, right? So shake your booty to great music and graze happily at the happening crowd, Zurich has lots of places to explore when it comes to partying.

Lounge at Basilica

This is an exceptional club located in the west part of the town. A club, bar and a lounge, Basilica flaunts a classy combination of Mediterranean and New York's partying sensibilities. The ambience reflects good artistic taste with its Oriental and Roman interiors which does add the required amount of glamour to the place.

The club is popular for playing wide genres of music. As the week begins, the club spins out easy and relaxed songs and as the week passes by, i.e. Wednesday you get a taste of funky, disco classics. On Thursdays it’s an all party night while Fridays is reserved for cosmic nights. On Saturdays and Sundays, they have the greatest hits of last 25 years being played which makes these days the most popular of the lot.

Drink, dance and dine at Aubrey

Yes, if those three things are in your mind then Aubrey is the perfect place to be. An elegant bar it serves all three meals of the day. Right from early morning coffee to after-work drinks and dinner, Aubrey is always bustling with activities. The club has put up luxurious interiors with miniature galaxies of disco balls, a favourite amongst disco lovers. The furniture comprises low slung leather cubes and chairs paired with coloured tables.

Aubrey offers a good collection of premium spirits which include Grey Goose vodka, Bacardi Reserva, Bombay gin and so on… You also have a choice to choose from fine wine and Swiss beer. Foodies can tickle their taste buds with an exclusive range of Mediterranean cuisine served by the chefs at Aubrey.

Weekends are the best time to visit the club has it offers a rocking evening with live performances. The DJ here plays range of music right from funk, R&B to Greek Oriental and bass thumpin you will hear it all. Grab your glass of Swiss beer and hit the dance floor to groove the night away.

Dance to techno and trance at 2 AKT

2 AKT is a wild dancing club with a motto that 'If the drink is too strong, you are too weak'. A club to reckon with, 2 AKT is a sister concern of 4AKT which is a restaurant. The bar here is well stocked with selection of whiskeys, cognacs, aperitifs and several other bottled beers from central Europe.

Shake your legs to the best of techno and trance played at the club. Mirco Esposito, Junior D, Rocco Rodrigo and Urs Diethelm are the regular DJ’s that play at 2 AKT. The club is open from Monday to Saturday 7 pm onwards.

Join the Street Parade

Street parade is one of the biggest techno parties in Zurich. This largest annual entertaining event is normally celebrated in the month of August. If you plan a visit to Zurich around this time, make sure you do not miss this musical and enthralling parade. It is said to be one of the safest mass events in the world. All the music fans in Switzerland and across the globe fly to Zurich to be a part of this parade, attracting thousands of fans. The parade is full of floats called love mobiles, which makes its way through the streets of Zurich promoting peace, love and ideals of love. After the parade, the party continues either at respective homes or any of the happening clubs of Zurich.

Fine dining and dancing at Adagio

Adagio is a dance club which mostly attracts people above the age group of 35. The club is always well decorated like a church and is popular for its ballroom dancing. Burning candles and fresh flowers are always a part of their décor. It generally attracts relatively conservative clientele. The place is extremely crowded on weekends, so if you plan to head here, make it well in time. If you don’t want to dance, you will always be assured of good company and music. So no reasons to complain!

So put on your dancing shoes and stir your drinking appetite and you’re all set to enjoy the party scene at Zurich.

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